Against the Grain

The epitome of governmental injustice is to actively or passively prevent the protection of our human rights – and safeguarding The Future of Food is surely one of those protections. This documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia, is a great watch covering the short history of food patenting, its original intentions and diabolic potential.

The force of mutation, when it’s natural, is the ultimate source of genetic variation, the process by which we gain strength and adaptability, but it comes to us with a very definite albeit complex set of built-in restrictions. Salmon does not cross with tomatoes.

Cell invasion – crossing the boundaries of nature, destroying what’s natural to create something ‘unnatural’, is usually framed for the public in terms of curing a disease. But the world’s natural food supply is rapidly being modified through cell invasion – not to cure an ill, not to feed the masses, not to help farmers – but to privatize and control base sustenance.

The consolidation of our food supply by behemoth corporations like Monsanto, is not just a disturbing trend … it’s an effort to harmonize patent laws around the world to prohibit our ability to grow our own food and eat what we know is healthy.

APV joins progressive groups worldwide in an effort to gain control over the genetic modification of our food supply and avert its grave potential. Please join us and share this information to help educate and influence the public, the media and our elected officials.

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