Daily Archives: July 28th, 2011

Internet woes or all out attack?


This 2003 documentary, Orwell Rolls In His Grave, is right on target as Bernie Sanders and others describe our “corporate” media and election fraud, with ominous warnings about what would happen to the Internet if we failed to stop a corporate takeover.

Going into another election with an eye on the media, the Internet and its intended level playing field are under attack – right on schedule. “Top Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee said [today] they are investigating whether the Federal Communications Commission improperly coordinated with the White House and public interest groups in the development of the network neutrality rules adopted in December.” It is clearly an attempt to reverse the only “fairness” the FCC was able to hold on to in that disappointing ruling.

Additionally, the proposed merger of AT&T/T-Mobile needs strong opposition. Lots of money went out from AT&T well in advance to buy support. Our right to communicate and share ideas without having corporations control the span and cost of information is something we should fight for vigorously.

The FCC (notorious for allowing consolidation of radio and TV networks), along with the Department of Justice will either support the people by forbidding this merger or they will approve it in favor of corporations. According to Al Franken, “The merger of AT&T and T-Mobile would be a major step towards the creation of an entrenched duopoly in the wireless industry. It would concentrate enormous power over the entire telecommunications sector in the hands of only two companies, and it would incentivize AT&T and Verizon to coordinate prices to the detriment of consumers.”

Only with a sustained effort to fight corporate money and influence, and a willingness to focus on the creation of MORE Internet competitors, rather than fewer – will we preserve any semblance of the Internet we use today. Any act or concerted plan that stifles innovation and prevents small businesses from competing in the market usurps our freedom “to inform and be informed” without corporate oversight, and needs to be stopped.

In another concerning development, “the Attorneys General of eleven states sent a letter late yesterday to the FCC and Department of Justice asking for a quick review and the formal approval of the highly contested and controversial transaction…”  Hopefully, more attention and a public outcry will gain the support needed to fight the merger before the FCC rules on it.