Daily Archives: July 26th, 2011

Turns out we’re not alone in our anger and disappointment.

Like a lot of people next year I will probably pull the lever for this president, if for no other reason than my terror at the thought of a Romney or Perry presidency, but that doesn’t mean I’m not mad as hell and it turns out I’m not alone.

“It’s one thing to be willing to go vote for a candidate on Election Day (or, more accurately, against the other candidate); it’s another entirely to be willing to donate scarce money, canvass and evangelize, and infuse the campaign with passion and energy.”

via Obama and the Left: a problem for the WH? – Democratic Party – Salon.com.

“Even small defections, along with pervasive cynicism, disappointment, and apathy, can sink Obama’s campaign.”

In 2008 I raised money and I worked to get Obama elected and that election night was one I’ll always be proud of… But I’m a progressive and he’s not and worse, what he’s doing now is hurting our nation by colluding with the same people who did so much damage over the last decade.  There’s no walking back ending Social Security and Medicare, gutting education, jobs programs, healthcare, selling off our heritage and our future all to pay for tax cuts so that corporations don’t have to pay for their private jets.

“It’s not merely that he lacks a fear of liberal dissatisfaction; it’s that he affirmatively craves it.”

I’m on all there mailing lists and donor sheets, they’ll be calling soon and they’re about to get an earful.