Nations food anti-terror plans costly, unwieldy – Yahoo! News

In other news, the costly Bush era plan to prevent “the Terrorists” from attacking America with nuclear tipped, rogue elephants has been entirely successful as well.

“Top U.S. food defense authorities insist that the initiatives have made the food supply safer and say extensive investments have prepared the country to respond to emergencies. No terrorist group has threatened the food supply in the past decade, and the largest food poisonings have not arisen from foreign attacks, but from salmonella-tainted eggs produced on Iowa farms that sickened almost 2,000 people.

3-4 billion dollars wasted on a non existent threat, while the government under the GOP insists on cutting back the number of FDA inspectors, whose actual job it is to monitor the food industry rather than chase around phantom Jihadis.  The mind reels.

via Nations food anti-terror plans costly, unwieldy – Yahoo! News.

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