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Joe Walsh – Who let him in?

Rep. Joe Walsh wants ex-wife sanctioned in child support case

All American homes have a balanced budget? Is that what he said?

Joe Walsh’s refusal to pay child support is not an issue that should be considered private. His willful disobedience of the law deserves at least as much “exposure” as sending underwear pictures across the Internet.

And it’s not partisan; it speaks directly to the integrity of those in powerful government positions – something we should pay close, objective attention to without hesitation. His choice to conveniently side-step a court order that binds him to an obligation is, I think, highly indicative of a character flaw that could affect any decision he makes in Washington.

How embarrassing this must all be for the Tea Party’s fiscal responsibility champion of Congress!

Now that he earns $174,000 per year (putting him in the top five percent of our salaried U.S. servants), and has amassed $600,000 in a re-election fund, he’s revising his child support order. But that he chose to disregard the judge’s order up to this point, and that he waited until after he was publicly outed as a Deadbeat Parent is despicable.

Cut spending! Balance the budget! Garnish wages!

Since shortly after his divorce in 2002 when he started a new family and began defaulting on his payments, he’s racked up $115,294 in arrearage by pleading poverty. He loaned $35,000 to his campaign, but was sued by his campaign manager for $20,000 in non-payment. He lost his home to foreclosure, while vacationing in Mexico, Italy and Nicaragua. His ex-wife has sought to suspend his driver’s license for failure to pay, but it’s already been suspended twice in the past three years for driving without insurance. She also tried to garnish his wages to no avail until finally “he started making payments of $2,164 a month — after [her lawyer] contacted the congressional office to advise the office of a court order to withhold that amount from his paycheck.”

So how in the world did Walsh get elected?

At the time, much of the above was public information. “Despite disclosures about a 2008 home foreclosure, his divorce, traffic citations for not having car insurance, bounced checks and a lawsuit by a former campaign manager who alleged Walsh owed him $,20,000, Walsh was elected to Congress” anyway!

**He campaigned that his trials had made him more aware of the needs of average American voters.**

I can not believe the people of Chicago, Illinois’s northwest suburban 8th congressional district fell for that trick! It seems like someone (democrats) would have been red flagging this guy from the rooftops. He won by less than 300 votes. If someone had just done their homework thoroughly enough to access the court documents and inform the public about his Deadbeat status, it’s most likely he would not have been elected in spite of the other examples of irresponsibility that made him feel more “in tune” with the American people. We can do better than this ….

Joe Walsh Child Support: Wife Laura’s Court Filing Released

All you have to do is watch this video to know that we dropped the ball in a big way. Vetting all candidates before the 2012 elections in November is going to be serious business. The Freedom of Information Act provides for requested court records to ensure that child support payments are made as determined by the courts.