Blutocratic Party vs. Spinach Party

Their hooey is a lot of phooey. ~ Olive Oyl

These old cartoons are fun, especially when you think about what was happening when they were created. This is Betty Boop for President (1932 events)

Mr. Nobody was voiced by Irving Aaronson, a successful band leader of the twenties most notably with the Commanders. The lyrics to Betty’s songs were by Al Lewis, who also co-wrote the classic Blueberry Hill. Betty Boop’s voice, Mae Questrel, would become the voice of Olive Oyl.

In 1948, Olive Oyl decides “their hooey is a lot of phooey”, and gets a dream run of her own.
(1940’s events)

In 1956, candidates Popeye and Bluto are full of promises, but the experienced winner, who wouldn’t vote for either one until the work was done, is … Olive Oyl!
(1956 events)

There’s a lot that could be said about how or whether campaigning has changed over the years, but in keeping with the animation, here’s a more recent take on it.

Family Guy – Undecided Voters (2008):


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