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One response

  1. I have an idea that might work in persuading the fine folks of Brunswick County, Va. to find an alternative to relieving their terrible economic state other than signing on to Dominion’s proposal to construct a natural gas processing plant.
    It is a two part strategy and, if a coalition of companies and non-profit groups could pull together it could be a very useful plan nationwide.

    1. Provide the folks of Brunswick with examples of other small, struggling communities who have agreed to such proposals by large power companies/corporations only to find that ,at best, the results provided them with a temporary band aide that :
    a) soon proved to be totally inadequate in the face of the festering environmental infections that followed.
    b) provided very few long term jobs.
    c) promoted rampant growth that the locals didn’t realize was part of the bargain.
    NEEDED: Research to document such examples of which there are many.

    2. Offer the community some immediate economic assistance by getting an impressive coalition of groups (private and public) together with a sum of money, far less then Dominion’s no doubt, but with far better credibility and no conflict of interest, that would meet with community leaders to best figure out how to use these initial funds for some critical and immediate relief.
    3. Arrange meetings with a host of “Green” companies who have previously agreed to entertain the possibility of expanding into that community. Funds could be raised to make this sort of investment palatable to small, growing renewable energy companies.

    When I attended the hearing at the State Corporation Commission it was us against them. Norther Virginians talking scientific studies, tide water folks talking rising water, Charlottesville lefties talking clean air, but non of those opposed had any suggestions as to how to help this poor community. They need to be presented with a realistic alternative because their community is dying and Dominion is the only one with a plan.
    NEEDED: The development of a liaison group that has the commitment of as many environmental, political and social nonprofits as they can gather so that the necessary investments to make this work can be shared by many.
    The folks from Brunswick and many other poor small rural communities probably fear that they may be selling their soul to the devil. I also believe that soon the population of our rural communities will begin to grow as the urban areas and our economic systems begin to fail. We should be shoring up our poor, neglected rural communities because they are our future.

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