Daily Archives: July 27th, 2012

Follow the Dark Money.

More and more we are self-segregating as far as where and how we get information. It is very easy now for people to get the majority of the information they receive about the world around them from media and websites that reinforce pre-existing opinions and beliefs. This is true in particular of our friends on the Right, who recent studies show are more and more encased in a self-contained information universe that has its own internal consistency, but which often deviates wildly from the world at large. It does not help that the massive amount of money that is now flowing into our elections largely from anonymous conservative donors, is being used in part to hunt down and target these voters based on where they go on the internet. This article raises several troubling questions about privacy online and the echo chamber that is now in place for so many potential voters.

Dark Money Political Groups Target Voters Based on Their Internet Habits