Daily Archives: July 19th, 2012

Watching the “Cooch”

The Alliance for Progressive Values strongly objects to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s refusal to certify the new health clinic regulations passed by the Virginia Board of Health in June.

The Board adopted an amendment to exempt existing clinics from the proposed, burdensome architectural requirements for hallways to be a specific width and ceilings to be a specific height. Renovations such as these in TRAP laws are only intended to deter health care professionals from being able to provide safe and legal abortion care for women in Virginia.

The Alliance for Progressive Values is troubled by Cuccinelli’s behavior, particularly the unprecedented and unethical ways he is going about promoting his personal and radical anti-choice agenda. His refusal to certify these new health clinic regulations despite the Virginia Board of Health’s recommendation is not only unusual for an Attorney General but also clear political pandering.

The Attorney General is not interested in helping Virginia women gain access to a safe and legal medical procedure simply for his own career gain. This latest move demonstrates Cuccinelli’s willingness to jeopardize the health and human rights of women throughout the Commonwealth to appease the radically anti-abortion minority groups he has affiliated himself with.

APV urges the Board of Health to stands its ground and reject the Attorney General’s attempts to meddle with the reasonable compromise regulations it passed in June.

Christine Dawe

Deputy Policy Director

Alliance for Progressive Values

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