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Matt Taibbi’s Short List

My Advice to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Hit bankers where it hurts

Matt Taibbi, a big fan of the Occupy movement, admits that his life has been consumed by the corruption on Wall Street for years. He’s convinced that “the movement’s basic strategy – to build numbers and stay in the fight, rather than tying itself to any particular set of principles – makes a lot of sense early on.” But when the time comes to focus on demands and solutions, he has a short list in mind that he feels should be considered. Mainly, he wants to force “all their cards on the table”, and with that done, his optimism is better than encouraging – he sees overwhelming public support and an opportunity for real reform. His ground work and study of the misaligned financial sector make his five favorite demands something to think about and discuss.
It feels a bit strange and so liberating, even though it’s very early on and anything could happen, just to be “thinking” about where we might go from here as the American people with a sharp new edge. I guess we just really need to play our cards right – but a little mild weather wouldn’t hurt, as well.