Free-trade theology trumps all?

A top Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official has admitted on the record that electronics sold in the U.S. are being preloaded with spyware, malware, and security-compromising components by unknown foreign parties.

There are so many trumped up national security threats these days that a MSM watcher has to carve out more time to keep up with all our “necessary” fears, but one issue typically covered by tech blogs is all but left out. Why is a real threat, a serious, well known and admitted vulnerability not being heralded as the strategic security compromise issue of our day? When our media hypes the “implant bomber”, and leaves out supply chain vulnerabilities, we have to wonder why. Salon’s David Sirota focuses on just that.

In a money-dominated media and political system that otherwise loves a good scare, the silence suggests free-trade theology trumps all — even major national security threats.


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