Physics doesn’t slowly change its mind. ~Dr. Bill Mckibben

After your drinking water has been poisoned and cancer is taking its toll on your friends and family in the community, it’s too late to prevent a catastrophe. In this video the process and result of deceit show what can happen when the people’s safety is up against “big oil” and the government. Notice the look on their faces at the town meeting when the people of Fort Chipewyan are given a scientific analysis of their drinking water, the chemicals causing the contamination, and the evident cause for the rise in cancer – in some cases, seven times the expected amount. At the meeting, one of the town’s people said,  “We’ve all stood up at the same time. That’s unity. That’s strength. Now let’s use it.”

The Alberta oilsands project is the world’s largest construction project. It is ongoing regardless of warnings from the science and medical communities. “Gripped in a Faustian pact with the American energy consumer, the Canadian government is doing everything it can to protect the dirtiest oil project ever known.”

To the Last Drop
Residents of one Canadian town are engaged in a David and Goliath-style battle over the dirtiest oil project ever known.

In 2007, WHISTLEBLOWER Dr. John O’Connor “warned of a link between dangerously high levels of carcinogens and rare forms of human cancers in a community down-river of Alberta’s oilsands mining project, Fort Chipewyan, and was harassed by the Canadian government for a year. He was eventually “cleared of three of the four professional misconduct charges Alberta Health and Wellness and Health Canada had brought against him. The fourth — a charge that he raised undue alarm in the community”, was not dropped until his findings were substantiated in 2008.

Oilsands Whistleblower MD Cleared

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