The best paid sideshow barkers in history.

The right wing think tank the Heritage Foundation pays Limbaugh 2 million a year and Hannity 1.3 million, you know that’s gotta chap poor old Sean.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck sell endorsements to conservative groups – Kenneth P. Vogel and Lucy McCalmont –

I know, I know, next I’ll be telling you there’s gambling in Casablanca.  But there is a point, these people aren’t journalists and they aren’t even entertainers exactly, they’re salesmen.  We regulate what advertisers can say about what they’re selling, you can’t make blatantly false claims and you can’t market dangerous products…  ok, cigarettes.. but still, at least smokes get a warning label of some kind.  What these men do is not journalism, it’s not NEWS, it’s simply hocking a product, in this case a failed political ideology as floor wax and dessert topping all in one… and it needs to be labeled as such.

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