Daily Archives: June 10th, 2011

Friday Grab Bag

From the American Prospect:

Countering the trend of ever-increasing health insurance profits, Blue Shield of California announced it would refund its excess earnings to its policy holders and put a cap on future profits.

The War On Nature.

Bruce Babbitt is right.  Conservative in Congress are dead set on destroying four decades of environmental progress, and worse the Obama administration and some Democrats seem disinterested in stopping them.  In early May, APV asked Virginia Senator Jim Webb to help protect the Clean Air Act by allowing the EPA to do its job.  It wasn’t the first time that Democratic law makers, sometimes with the best intentions have served to aid radical, right wing ideologues and their corporate allies by seeking to water down some of our most important environmental laws.


Consumer Affairs

I think we need Elizabeth Warren in Washington.  She can do so much more good in a policy role than as just another candidate and politician.

Strongest Progressive in the Room

The Banks

A small victory, you have to wonder how the Banks and their friends will “fix” this.

“Those fees topped $20 billion last year, according to industry reports.”

Banks Defeated In Senate Vote On Debit Card Fees

“By coming close to victory, banks are likely to be emboldened to fight other regulations being drawn under the Dodd-Frank bill.”

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